My rise to Virtual Assistant & beyond

“Entrepreneurs are a different breed and the space we move in is dominated by sheer persistence, innovation, ambition and utter passion.”   [Karen Wessels as seen on Lionesses of Africa, view here]

Hi there,

My name is Karen, and a proud Virtual Assistant!

I’ve had the pleasure of watching how this young industry of VA’s has grown, be shaped and molded over time.

From personal experience I know what you’re going through, emotionally, financially, mentally. And I want you to know that this journey you’re on is so rewarding and fulfilling, don’t give up, forge on, there are huge rewards to be reaped!

So my story started 8 years ago, way back when in 2008. I know, that seems like ages ago! And how technology has changed. Anyway, I digress.

I started off with a little business where I didn’t know what I was doing, who my target market was, hang, I didn’t even know the term Virtual Assistant! Yet, I managed to make this micro startup work over the next several years, until I discovered that what I was actually doing is VA work (I mean hello!) and I kinda got a better sense of what the business does and whom I’m offering my services to.

Let’s fast forward to present day. Now I run a successful VA agency alongside my partner. I also have a Directory just for VA’s and I have loads of fun doing what I love - helping others!

Through networking events, numerous workshops, business coaches, mentors and fellow VA’s I’ve managed to pivot my business, rebrand and repackage my service, have a beautiful working ecommerce website and a myriad of happy clients.

And I want the same for you! So hop onto the Mentorship Program page and take advantage of my experience and lessons well learned. Let’s see how I can help you!


Your success is my success!

Me presenting at Woman in Business - The Bandwidth Barn - Cape Town