How to start your own Virtual Assistant Business

How to start your own Virtual Assistant Business

How to start your own Virtual Assistant Business

I love being a Virtual Assistant! Being a VA allows me to work from literally anywhere in the world. I’ve done work from my home office, from wine estates, coffee shops and a remote farm while travelling. I love the lifestyle being a Virtual Assistant affords me, and I think it’s time that you start your own VA business too!

Do your research

Take as much time as you need to research the topic “Virtual Assistant”. Trawl through the internet, go through self-help ebooks, read VA profiles, and visit different websites. Take a look at your skill set, what you can currently bring to the table from your working experience. But also determine where you would like to forge your niche. Alot of the tasks you’ll be doing, you’ll probably end up teaching yourself, so just know that your business offering will change over time.

Take a look at your finances

Are you currently working full-time and considering becoming a Virtual Assistant? If so, understand what will be required of you initially to get this business going. The initial outlay is not much, in fact, if you take the time to go through tutorials, you could teach yourself to build your own website for instance. (And trust me, having your own professional website is of paramount importance!) Take a look at your current monthly expenses and reverse engineer how many clients you’ll need to sign up to cover those costs and make some money.

Branding your business

Once you’ve decided the area that you’d like to specialise in, it’s time to give your branding attention. You’ll need to think of a catchy business name, get your logo designed and your corporate ID. All these things are important, because they help you stand out from the rest and it’s a clear message to your prospective client on how you can help them.

Paperwork and Rates

Get all the legal stuff sorted out, like registering your business, getting contracts in place, terms & conditions, etc. Then you need to decide on your rates. Perhaps you’ll work on a per project basis, or go the time honoured route of charging by the hour. Take a look again at your monthly expenses and I believe this will help you determine how to calculate your pricing so that you can cover everything at the end of the month.

Get hustling

Now it’s time to hustle like never before! You’ve got your awesome business cards, your smart new website is live, you know who your target market is and you know what you want to offer them. Get your business listed on every free business directory there is. Make sure your LinkedIn profile looks professional and join LinkedIn groups to join the conversation. Go to any and every networking event you hear of, until you can determine which ones will bear you the most fruit. Use social media platforms to get the word out, write blogs, do public speaking, heck, do what it takes to make sure that people know about you!

Form partnerships and keep learning

It’s important to form key strategic partnerships, especially when you’re just setting out. Reach out to other VA’s and other your services to assist them with tasks until you get your client base built up. Remember to keep learning, keep developing your skills, the more you can offer, the more you can charge.

It is hard work I won’t lie, however, it is also very rewarding to know that this is your business, your baby, you’ve grown it and nurtured it into a profitable and workable business.