How to put together a great Client Welcome Pack

How to put together a great Client Welcome Pack

How to put together a great Client Welcome Pack

Here’s a question for you : As a hardworking, highly efficient Virtual Assistant, are you sending your new clients a Welcome Pack?

Ha! I knew it, most of you aren’t doing this. Why not? What easier way than to send your new client a document that contains all the how-to’s, terms & conditions, task brief and billing, all they need to do is go through it and sign it. Simple, yes?

I’ve experienced on boarding many new clients, which seems pretty straight forward, only for them never to send tasks. Why? Most of them hadn’t used a Virtual Assistant before and had no idea where to start. By giving them a Welcome Pack I was able to overcome all those objections and my on boarding become far smoother and pain-free.

A Welcome Pack warmly welcomes the client to your fold, outlines everything they need to know and it looks really professional!

So where do we start, what does a great welcome pack include?

Introduce yourself and your business

Enthusiastically introduce yourself, tell them a wee bit about your background and how you are going to add value to their business.

Task brief

Use this section to understand your client’s requirements, manage their expectations and outline what you’ll need from them in order to get the job done up to par.

Communication channels

Here you detail how you prefer to receive tasks and the client has an opportunity to highlight which channels work best for them. It may be easier for them to send you a task via Skype rather than email. Whatever works easiest, make sure that the communication channel is set up properly to ensure effectiveness and no misunderstandings. Plus, it should offer a trace of all past communications so that you can go back if need be.

Terms & Conditions

Be sure to have a standard contract in place with terms & conditions that are applicable to your business. If possible, consult a legal person and get their input. In the long run you’ll avoid a lot of mishaps just by having the right paperwork in place. At the end of the day this contract protects both you and the client.

Client details

Try to keep this section as concise as possible. You’ll be looking for all their contact details in this section, their type of business, the social media platforms they use and any other relevant information. If your client needs to share passwords with you, do encourage them to send these passwords with LastPass. It’s confidential and you’ll never see the actual password, which will give your client peace of mind as they initially struggle to hand over tasks in the early stages.


I like to use the last part of the Welcome Pack to cover some frequently asked questions, taking the opportunity to allay any further delays or fears the client may have, so that I can get started on their project as soon as possible and deliver in a highly professional manner.

Give the Welcome Pack a bash - you never know, it might be just the thing your business was needing!