How to choose the best Virtual Assistant Coach for you

How to choose the best Virtual Assistant Coach for you

How to choose the best Virtual Assistant Coach for you

Take a look at the greatest athletes of our time, those who stood proudly on the medal stand at the Olympics, in fact, look at any athlete and ask yourself what is the common denominator? A Coach of course!

Without the support and best efforts of these coaches where would those athletes be you may ask? A successful athlete needs the daily motivation of a coach, assistance in following the right dietary program, workout program and someone to make sure that they are mentally ready to face the race ahead.

Imagine how far along your business would be if you had your own cheerleader, your own coach standing behind you, giving support and advice when needed. Hiring the right business coach is key for the success of any business, whether you want to start or better your Virtual Assistant Business, or your own consulting firm, or even a manufacturing plant, the principle stays the same.

When I hired my first business coach I saw a notable change in my business and in myself. We grew together and then one day we reached a point where I had outgrown my coach and I was ready to take on my next coach for the second leg of my journey. This does happen and it’s no problem to outgrow your coach or to have multiple coaches simultaneously.

So how do you go about understanding and defining who will be the right business coach for your Virtual Assistant business?

Define whether you need assistance

Take a broad perspective of your current business and define where you need the most assistance. Perhaps it’s only certain areas in your business that you may currently need help. Make a commitment to find a qualified expert in that particular field where the most growth is required.

Have the right mindset

Hiring a business coach is like dating, there needs to be the right chemistry, otherwise you’ll walk away feeling frustrated and not getting the value that you require. Make sure that your coach shares your mindset, that you are both on the same page, and that the goals you want to achieve can be facilitated by the coach you’ve chosen.

Choose someone with experience in your field

If you decide to learn how to ice-skate you’re certainly won’t be taking lessons from a pottery artist. When you do decide on a business coach for your Virtual Assistant business, choose someone who has been in the trenches, who has failed and succeeded in the VA world. The same goes for any form of business, look for someone who has walked in your footsteps, who understands what you’re going through and will know how to guide you on this rocky path.

Accountability and Honesty

Look for someone who will be honest and upfront with you and make sure that they will hold you accountable with “tough love” so that you can achieve realistic goals with action steps.

Do they offer a free consultation?

Do they offer a free initial consultation?¬†Upon initial consultation do you have a good feel for that person? Do you think they’ll be a good fit for you and for your business? Do you feel they are trustworthy and do you enjoy their company?


These are just a few things to consider when hiring a business coach. With a good business coach you’ll be able to increase your revenues and profits, learn very specific skills like marketing and get comfortable becoming un-comfortable. They will help you have clarity on your business vision and achieve future success. May these tips help you in finding a business coach who will lead you through an inspiring relationship to achieve all your business goals!